The estimated global population of lions


Adult weight

The estimated population of lions in Kenya

127kgs – 190kgs

Scientific name

Panthera Leo


Open plains, semi-closed habitat & woodlands


10 – 15 years in the wild

About African Lions

During the last century, Africa’s large carnivores have undergone massive declines, largely due to human activity. Lions are no exception – compared with their historic range, lions (Panthera leo) have lost 75%. In 1980 there may have been as many as 75,000 lions, while today it is likely that there are only between 20,000 and 30,000 free roaming lions. East Africa is home to around 60% of Africa’s lions, but some studies suggest that this population may decline by as much as 50% over the next two decades. Historically, European colonists contributed to these declines, while nowadays, growing human populations out-compete carnivores for space and resources. By the end of the 21st century, Africa’s human population may increase threefold, to around 5.7 billion, which will cause further declines unless effective conservation programmes are implemented.

Our lion conservation efforts span 3 primary ecosystems with robust lion populations

Greater Mara Ecosystem

Based at the Tony Lapham Predator Hub, our flagship Mara Predator Conservation Programme has been at the forefront of predator conservation in the Greater Mara for a number of years now. Its research and monitoring work contributes to county and national strategies for protecting predators, as well as conservancy management decisions across the Greater Mara.

Laikipia / Samburu

Our commitment to lion conservation across this ecosystem is represented by our long-term support of Ewaso Lions, a community project focused on promoting coexistence between people and wildlife. For a number of years, we have supported Ewaso Lions to conserve lions in their local area and to foster local support for conservation.

Since 2007, we have contributed to lion conservation efforts in the Amboseli / Tsavo ecosystem. From supporting projects like Lion Guardians to engage local community members in lion conservation, we have been committed to investing in Amboseli, its wildlife and its people.

Amboseli / Tsavo