Agnes Parmeres

The Kenyan government closed learning institutions since March 2020 and students have been grappling with the new reality. One such student struggling to cope is Agnes Parmeres who is a KWT Conservation Leadership Program scholar.

The Wildlife Management student at the University of Eldoret has been pursuing her bachelor’s degree since 2019. She would have finished her second year by now and gone on long holidays where she looked forward to doing her industrial attachment at a local NGO.

“I came home immediately after schools closed due to coronavirus outbreak in the country. It was abrupt and scaring. It has affected me in several ways.”

These uncertainties continue to affect the mental health of students like Agnes who has been unable to attend online lessons since their school has not provided online classes.

“It is a big challenge to stay at home trying to balance life hardships at home and covering schoolwork while not knowing when we will be back to school to study. It is my hope that the curve will flatten and people continue to observe the safety measures so that we can go back to school. I am grateful to KWT for the continued support. I have never encountered any problems and even now KWT continues to offer emotional support through over the phone checkups.”

We hope this global pandemic shall pass and allow our beneficiaries to pursue their education on wildlife conservation.